Getting your Message Across

Tomorrow marks the start of a new semester. And with that, comes hours of course prep and planning. […]

Take Two!

About 6 months ago, inside my office on a cold January day, I restarted this site and my […]

Quite some time

I feel like Rose at the beginning of the Titanic. You know the scene…”It’s been 88 years” and […]

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Although I hope to continue blogging throughout my academic and scholarly career, this marks my final blog post […]

“Gephi is Not Your Friend.”

The title of this post marks Ryan Cordell’s  introduction to learning Gephi, and looking back, it is no […]

Mapping Challenges

Our readings for Unit 3 were all related to the idea of mapping and the implications of using […]

Project Reflection: Room for Growth

Our task this week in #f14tmn was to analyze a key DH project of our choosing. My initial […]