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Hey there! I’m Rebecca, a doctoral student in Rhetoric and Composition at UMass Amherst. My research interests include transnational rhetorical studies, human rights rhetoric, digital humanities, and digital rhetoric. I’m currently working on a project exploring how scholars might extend transnational rhetorical analytic methods by using digital humanities discussions and computational tools. When not pursuing my own coursework, I teach First Year Composition in the UMass Writing Program, where I am also the Technology Coordinator. In addition to this site, I run a grammar blog with all posts written 100% by my College Writing students. Check it out here! Outside of academia, I enjoy traveling, cooking, making/drinking coffee, and of course, reading. There’s a great deal more to know about me, so feel free to email me at r.petitti@umass.edu or follow me on Twitter @rebeccawritenow!

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