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I feel like Rose at the beginning of the Titanic. You know the scene…”It’s been 88 years” and the story begins. Well, for me, it’s been over a year and I’ve decided to reinvigorate this blog, this website, and my online identity. I imagine this as a space to discuss my academic life, informally. This post here, while it may not make any groundbreaking discoveries, will serve as my own road map. It’s a new beginning for the journey ahead.

I have 2 semesters of coursework left. As someone who has been in school for 20+ years, this is quite a strange thing to understand. I look forward to my upcoming classes, yet am excited to begin the more independent road of scholarship. It is not without some fear and anticipation, but that’s to be expected. This spring I will be taking a Transnational Rhetorical Theory class and a Rhet/Comp Research Methods class. I look forward to exploring my own interests in transnational displacement, while also having the opportunity to explore different research methods. With my comps only a year away, both of these courses are coming at the right time.

In my two courses I’m teaching this semester, I am excited to be trying out something new. I’ve started a separate blog for my students, Grammar Gossip: Confessions of College Writers. Rather than “teaching grammar,” I’ll use blogging as a tool for my own students to lead the class in discussion about particular aspects of style and grammar. I’d simply rather not pretend I know all the rules. Instead, I’ll let my students write/speak honestly about their relationship with style, grammar, and writing. Honestly, it’s far more interesting for me to hear what they have to say about it all! I’m hoping I can get them as excited and on board as I am. Only time will tell!

With that, I have something short and sweet to lay out my upcoming semester. Be sure to check back for more of my thoughts on teaching, coursework, and grad school life. I’m sure there will be lots more to say!

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