Take Two!

About 6 months ago, inside my office on a cold January day, I restarted this site and my blog with hopes of an active blogging persona. Here I am, in the warmth of June, with no posts in between. Sometimes things just do not go according to plan, and that is precisely how I’ll sum up this past semester. Now, my site is up to date including more focused research interests, an updated CV, and a working project title. I decided to add a “What I’m Reading” page to both share my academic endeavors and as a way to keep me honest. If I write that I’m reading it, I’ll be reading it!

In my last post, I wrote about starting a grammar blog in my classroom. I can say with confidence that it worked! Nearly all of my students commented on its effectiveness in their final reflections, and they all seemed to enjoy working on it throughout the semester. Check it out here. With this seeming success, I will continue this blog in future classes and see where it goes.

This grammar blog is certainly responsible for sparking my new desire to upkeep an academic/personal blog. I find it difficult to completely separate the two, as much of what I do in either is influence by the other. Nonetheless, I’ll be using this as a space to work out ideas, discuss progress through my PhD, and general musings on what I’m reading and researching. My goal is weekly posting, but as of now, I don’t have the best record–considering it’s been 6 months. Here goes!

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